Ayden Activation Group-A Guerilla In Marketing

This month we give our thumbs up to a business you might never have heard of but probable have seen their promotions. This month we salute Ayden Activation Group. Ayden Activation Group is based in St. Louis. Started 12 years ago,Ayden Activation Group is a leader in nontraditional marketing. With their staff and resources Ayden Read More…

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Hollywood Is Out Of Touch

After watching and listing to some of the actors and actresses in the past week talk about President Trump I now know that Hollywood is out of touch with main stream America. Hollywood just can not deal with the fact that their views do not reflect American values. What is worst is Hollywood can not Read More…

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Christmas Comes In October Now

It always seems people start thinking about the holidays earlier and earlier every year. The cable networks like Hallmark are the worst. They have non stop holiday programing starting in October. Now don’t get me wrong I love holiday movies. But what ever happened to the days when you had to make sure you caught Read More…

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