Welcome To The Trump Revolution

History was made yesterday. Donald J. Trump stuck his middle finger in the air and gave the country and the world the biggest F…You in history. Hillary Clinton thought she was meant to be President. But she didn’t think she was meant to be President because the people neeeded her. She thought she was owed the White House. All of the polls said Clinton would run away with the election. But the people stood up and said enough is enough. It was time to take the country back from the special interest groups and the minorities that have had far to much power in our government in the past couple decades. Historians like to talk about the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s. Welcome to the Trump Revolution. A time when the hard working middle class will have the power. The time when the United States will come first. And a time when we can once again say Merry Christmas without being yelled at for not being politically correct. Tighten your seat belts left wing liberals because the next four years are going to be amazing!

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