The Race Is Almost Over

In just a few days the 2016 Presidential race will be over. The polls have been bouncing back and forth for the last few weeks but I don’t think any of them are a real picture of who the voters will elect. There is a hidden vote in the country that the main stream media and life time policians do not want to admit exists. Trump has raised a sleeping giant in the American people that are pissed off and won’t take it any more. It is true a majority of voters for Trump are white. But what the main stream media and special interests groups do not want to admit is the white vote is the majority. Blacks and Hispanics are a minority for a reason-there are fewer of them! One thing I know for sure, late Tuesday night,when the results start coming in showing that Trump has won-maybe in a landslide, there is going to be panic and shock. The media is going to be shocked that they really don’t have any power to influence the American people and life time policians will be in panic that their days of life time service in Washington are numbered. Trump has promised he will impose term limits on Congress. If the current people in Congress don’t pass the bill Trump introduces they will be out in their next election. If they do pass the law to impose term limits they will be out soon anyway. Change is in the air in the United States. Christmas comes to the American people on November 8th this year. And yes Virginia Santa Claus does exist,and his name is Donald Trump!

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