School Is Back In Session

With school back in full swing I start to think about when I was in school at Thousand Islands. I wonder how the education has changed. Back when I was in school the teachers were not that great. I maybe had 3 really great teachers when I was in school. The others were bad to terrible. The best teachers I had were Mrs. McDonald in third grade and Mr. B. in 4th grade.(his name was really Brietenbacher or something like that but none of us could pronounce it so everyone called him Mr. B.) There were a few other good teachers but these two were the best. They always seemed to take interest in what I said. I blame Mr. B. for my interest in the news and current events. We would have a morning news time where we would bring in articles from the paper. Then Mr. B. would give us writing assignments on some of the news stories. I still remember a couple of the stories I had to write papers on. One was on the Russian invastion of Afganistan and the other I remember was a story about when they found some bones at the Alamo. These two teachers I think helped to keep me in school,I honestly believe if it weren’t for these two teachers I would have been lucky to get into high school. Before third grade,in second grade I had a teacher name Miss Gretchen. She was just terrible. Never listened and could care less about about me or many of the other students. I remember everything was fine until the end of the year. Throughout the year my mom would go to school and talk to her and ask her how I was doing. Miss Gretchen always said oh yes he is doing fine. Then the last week of school came and she called my parents to say I was not going to pass and was going to be held back. Well needless to say Hurricane Sandy didn’t make as much noise as my parents. My parents went to school and met with Miss Gretchen and Mr. Guardino the school principal. Mr. Guardino was a big man and everyone was afraid of him. But the fact is he was one of the nicest,kindest and fairest people you could ever meet. He passed away a number of years ago and the elementary is now named after him in Clayton, NY. Well after a long meeting with my parents-I have no clue what was said in the meeting but I always felt a little sorry for Miss Gretchen because I am sure my dad ripped her a new one. Well long story short I passed into third grade. From then on I did decent in school. I was never an A+ student-mainly because I hated to study-but I passed and moved on to highschool and then on to college. I wonder some days if there is at least one really good teacher at Thousand Islands today like Mrs. McDonald or Mr. B. so any students like me will get the attention they need. It just seems that maybe with all of the new requirements in school students like me might be getting lost. I hope once Donald Trump is President things will change and education decisions will go back to the local level and not the state or Washington level. But hey that is just one C students opinion!

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