Christmas Comes In October Now

It always seems people start thinking about the holidays earlier and earlier every year. The cable networks like Hallmark are the worst. They have non stop holiday programing starting in October. Now don’t get me wrong I love holiday movies. But what ever happened to the days when you had to make sure you caught the movie when it came on because you would not see it again until next year. Today the cable networks play the holiday movies over and over and over each year. It use to be you looked forward to watching the Rudolph classic on CBS. But now if you miss it once just relax because it will be on again. And if you don’t miss it when its actually on you can go to the network’s website and watch the movie when ever you want. It’s not really the same. It was the excitement of waiting for the movie or cartoon to come on,and knowing you wouldn’t see it again until next year. Oh the good old days!

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