Hillary Clinton’s Failing Health

One thing is for sure-Hillary Clinton has health problems. The main stream media like CNN likes to make it out to be just a story or as they say “unfounded rumors” made up by the right. But the evidence speaks for itself. Fact 1: Clinton is not able to campaign more then a few days a week. Fact 2: Clinton has trouble walking. Fact 3: Clinton wears bulky clothing up to her neck to hide something-probable to hide signs of some medical treatment. Now the Clinton health problems could just be her age or it could be something more serious. Anyone that has had cancer or knows anyone that has had cancer can see some signs that Clinton might have a severe health issue. Look at pictures of Clinton just a year ago and look at a picture of her now. There are clear signs she may be going through chemo treatments. He hair is very very thin. He face is white. In addition-again people who have known anyone going through chemo will attest to this-there are four stages people go through when they are being treated for cancer. First they have trouble walking. They walk slower and more deliberate. Then they start using a cane to help them walk. Then they start using a walker. And finally they are bed ridden. Sadly the treatment for cancer is sometimes as bad as the disease itself,and it quickly shows on the person. There have been stories going around for a while now that Clinton was treated for a brain tumor. But media outlets like CNN do not want to admit this because they feel there is no evidence of it. Well was there evidence of her illegal email server or taking money for favors from donors? No not until stories started to leak!
Does Clinton have cancer? I don’t know-maybe she does and maybe she doesn’t. We won’t know for sure until the leak starts. The Clinton’s are known for keeping secrets and this is no different. But like all of their secrets it will come out soon. One thing is for certain-yes CNN it is a fact-Clinton has health issues!

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