Next Stop The White House

It became official yesterday-Donald Trump is officially the Republican nominee for President. As the vote was called and Trump got the 1237 votes needed for the nomination you could just hear Jeb Bush,John Kasich and many others crying. The unthinkable had happened. An outsider,non-politician and people’s choice had won. The never Trump group had lost after spending millions and millions trying to stop him. The people have spoken and the words are loud and clear-“We the people are sick and tired and we aren’t taking it anymore!” Change is in the wind and the main stream career politicians know their days are numbered. Like the English in 1776 it will still be some time before the defeated actually admit they are defeated-but like what happened in 1776 that day will come. America is about to take the country back. Special interest groups are about to lose their voice. The days of serving the voters and not the special interest groups will be here soon. There is just one last thing for Donald Trump to do to finish this revolution and turn the page on a new and brighter day for America. Trump must beat Crooked Hillary and win the White House. Start looking over your shoulder Hillary because Trump is coming for you next. If you don’t believe it just ask the 16 people Trump beat in the primary. Like Jeb and John who for months said there was no way Trump would win the nomination. Yes Hillary your days in politics are numbered. Trump is coming…tick..tick…tick…tick…tick….

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